Who We Are

Hope and Life Foundation is a registered NGO that works to help children in need, children who have disabilities, and children who require care and safety. We operate for the benefit of the children. We are present all throughout India.

In India, 35.2% of those who live in urban areas do so in slums, which are overcrowded and lack proper sanitation, water supply, and security. These slum dwellers’ children frequently lack access to basic education, have special needs, and must begin working to support their families. Both rural and urban India share the same statistics and issues.

Hope and Life have made a commitment to stop this and assist these children who require care. 

We emphasize necessities like food, shelter, health care, and education. Our strategy is all-encompassing and hands-on. We are where it counts most for the child—on the ground. We support communities and families alike. We have several different grass-root initiatives.  Through education and the use of development concepts adapted to the community’s requirements, we hope to help and rehabilitate them. Hope and Life commit to assisting underprivileged children in need by empowering them, making them happy, and preparing them for the future.

We started working in 2020 and we registered in 2021

Registered as not for profit organization in 2021 under the Indian trust act article 64. HLF Registration No: 1850.