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Hope and life foundation is NGO who helped poor people for their medical treatment & feed people

About Hope and Life Foundation

Welcome to Hope and Life Foundation (HLF) :

Hope and Life Foundation is a registered Indian Non-Governmental/Social Welfare Organization (NGO), working for children in distress, for rehabilitation of children with disabilities, and for children in need of care and protection.

From the day it started, Hope and Life Foundation has been working extensively at National Level, developing various child welfare programs. Hope and Life Foundation focuses on child development through Children’s Rights, Education, Quality Care, Support, and Protection. Hope and Life Foundation is one of the leading trusts in India that works for the rights of the children we are protecting the children’s rights and ignition the spark in them to pursue their education.

We are working to give them a nurturing environment where they can get every possible facility. Presently we work at National Level.

Hope and Life Foundation (HLF) is a non-profit, non-government and voluntary organization committed to the care & development of underprivileged children and social needs.

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