Padhayi – Shikshit Bharat

The Hope and Life Foundation, a non-profit organization dedicated to educating poor children, runs the national-level program Padhayi- Shikshit Bharat. We think there is no better place to start than in the corridors of education, whether you are tackling healthcare, poverty, population control, unemployment, or human rights. Through our program, we assist and educate children […]

Animal Rahat – A care for voiceless

We saw that stray animals feel hungry they eat garbage and polythis. And due to this animal facing lots of critical diseases and die on the street due to lack of treatment. We provide food for that stray animals and help to not eat garbage or anything else which is harmful to us.

Aahar – Feed the Hungry

The purpose of the program is to provide nutritious food to the underprivileged, downtrodden and marginalized people esp. children from the weaker sections of the society attending classes at our learning centers.

Hara-Bhara Sansaar – Planting a Tree

This program has been started with an aim to plant the tree every week with a donor name with location and make the world a better place to take a healthy breath.

Muskaan – Gift a Smile

The purpose of this program is to collect toys from affluent families and distribute them to the children of underprivileged families in an organized & systematic manner. for their cognitive development and better realization of their childhood. Further, to donate the clothes who need them.